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Latvia MGI Tech SIA Advances DNA Methylation Research with Significant European Funding

10.11 - 11.11.2023




In a landmark move for scientific innovation, Latvia MGI Tech SIA has made significant strides in DNA methylation research, backed by robust European funding and collaborative efforts.

On January 30, 2020, Latvia MGI Tech SIA, a pioneering company in biotechnology, inked a critical agreement (No. VP-L-2022\79) with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. This agreement, under the aegis of the Operational Program “Growth and Employment,” specifically targets the enhancement of private sector investment in research and development (R&D). It aligns with the 1.2.1. specific aid objective to “Increase private sector investment in R&D” and the activity “Support for the improvement of the technology transfer system.”

The core objective of this project is to conduct industrial research focusing on identifying reagents apt for DNA methylation detection and to optimize the conditions for these reactions. DNA methylation, a crucial process in genetic regulation, has far-reaching implications in medical and biological research.

In a subsequent development, on March 20, 2023, Latvia MGI Tech SIA formalized a service agreement with the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis. This collaboration was aimed at conducting a feasibility study, crucial for advancing their research. The research work, which concluded in October 2023, adhered strictly to the set technical specifications and was completed within the anticipated six-month timeframe.

The financial framework of this project is also noteworthy. The total investment for this ambitious project stands at EUR 29,825, excluding VAT. Notably, a substantial portion of this – EUR 25,000 – is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, underscoring the project's significance and the European Union's commitment to fostering scientific innovation.

Conclusion: The successful completion of this research project marks a significant milestone for Latvia MGI Tech SIA and the broader scientific community. The outcomes of this project are expected to lay the groundwork for further development and validation of new methods in DNA methylation research, potentially opening new avenues in genetic studies and medical research.