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SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing New Frontiers of Spatial Multi-omics - Webinar



Genomics Unlocked


About this webinar: 

Built on DNA Nanoball (DNB) technology, Stereo-seq enables spatially resolved, single-cell gene expression profiling in intact tissue slices using unbiased spatial transcriptome profiling measurements, allowing scientific and clinical researchers to efficiently interrogate biology at a spatial-temporal scale.

In this webinar, we will showcase how Stereo-seq provides a powerful research base for advanced analysis in the Human Protein Atlas program to increase coverage and resolution, and intuitive bioinformatic tools and new automation system from STOmics.


  • Dr. Jan Mulder - Group leader @Karolinska Institute
  • Dr. Yen-Yu Lin - Senior field application scientist @BGI Research

You can now watch this on demand 
On Demand (genomicsunlocked.com)

About Stereo-seq

Independently developed by STOmics, Stereo-seq technology is the one and only spatial-omics technology in the world that could achieve both centimeter-level panoramic field of view and subcellular resolution. Ever since its release in the early 2021, it has drawn extensive attention around the globe and was praised as 'the thunderclap in the academia', bringing life science research into a new era of time and space while ushering in the third revolution in the field of life sciences.

At present, STOmics Stereo-seq technology has actively participated in several national-level major scientific programs and projects, has constructed the world's first detailed spatio-temporal map of the amphibian brain, and has realized the world's first systematic 3D spatiotemporal map of the regeneration process. In addition to actively promoting scientific research collaborations in China, the international cooperation of STOmics Stereo-seq technology is also in full swing.

About Stereo-Seq

Combined with SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing (Stereo-seq) technology, STOmics products are intended for analyzing spatially resolved transcriptome and obtain tissue details at the subcellular level. It is an ideal choice for studying gene expression and localization.

Learn More about Stereo-Seq

About GU

Established in May 2023, Genomics Unlocked is a pioneering platform dedicated to exploring and understanding genomics, serving as a global hub for webinars and applications powered by DNBSeq technology, a groundbreaking innovation by our main partner, MGI Tech.

Learn More about Genomics Unlocked

Genomics Unlocked - Your Key to the World of Genomics.

Our mission is to unlock the mysteries of genomics and make this knowledge accessible to everyone. We provide a dynamic, user-friendly platform where experts can share their insights, and curious minds can delve into a wide array of genomics topics. Our webinar series is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering scientists worldwide the opportunity to learn about the latest applications in Genomics, driven by DNBSeq technology. Our sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics, including agriculture, genetic disorders, oncology, pathogen, stereo-seq, population genomics, and the latest technological breakthroughs and instruments.

The future of genomics is just a click away. Join us to explore, discover, and unlock the full potential of genomics. Together, we can shape the future of genomic science.