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Pooling of Microbiological Samples with ABL Diagnostics' DeepCheck® Assays & Software and MGI's DNBSEQ-G400

Pooling of Microbiological Samples with ABL Diagnostic's DeepChek® and MGI's DNBSEQ-G400: Leverage DeepChek® assays and the DNBSEQ-G400 for high-throughput, cost-effective microbial analysis.



When Genomics meets Metabolomics by Circulating Metabolites in Blood

This piece delves into how genetic variations impact metabolic processes, offering new angles on tackling metabolic diseases. A must-read for insights into the future of personalized healthcare.



Smart-seq3Xpress: a scalable, high-sensitivity and low-cost Single cell Full-length RNA-seq methodology.

Revolutionizing single-cell RNA-seq, SMART-seq3Xpress offers unparalleled sensitivity and cost-efficiency with full-length coverage.



Single-cell Spatial transcriptomics (sc-StereoSeq), opening a new era in plants and crops biology.

Explore how sc-StereoSeq is transforming our understanding of plant biology, from crop production to plant stress responses, marking a new era in spatial transcriptomics.



Can Next-generation Sequencing accelerate mRNA vaccine development?

Explore the transformative impact of Next-Generation Sequencing in mRNA vaccine development. Dive into Nobel-winning discoveries, challenges, and novel technologies like the VAX-seq workflow, enhancing vaccine production, safety, and quality analysis amidst global health crises.



A Complete Human Y to ask more "Why" in biology

Unlock the mysteries of the human Y chromosome with MGI's cutting-edge findings. Learn how the T2T consortium's study corrects GRCh38 errors, reveals 30Mb+ new sequence data, and advances our understanding of gene structures and their implications in the Omic-verse.