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SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing New Frontiers of Spatial Multi-omics - Webinar

We are thrilled to introduce our newest webinar in the "Genomics Unlocked" series: "SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing New Frontiers of Spatial Multi-omics"



MGI's DNBSEQ-T20*x2 Wins 2023 Globee® Awards for Medical Equipment

Explore MGI's latest achievement as its DNBSEQ-T20×2 gene sequencing platform wins the prestigious Globee® for Medical Equipment in the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards®. This post highlights MGI's commitment to innovation in the life science industry, their groundbreaking T20 gene sequencer, and how their technology is reshaping healthcare outcomes and the genetic industry.



Unveiling MGI's Groundbreaking Innovations at the ESHG Conference in Glasgow

Discover the groundbreaking partnerships and innovations unveiled by MGI Tech Co., Ltd. at the ESHG Conference in Glasgow. Learn about MGI's strategic collaborations in the European life sciences market, their advancements in sequencing and automation technologies, and their commitment to revolutionizing genomics research. This post also highlights MGI's strategic partnership with Alithea Genomics, aiming to innovate in RNA sequencing.



MGI and AddLife AB: A Strategic Collaboration to Revolutionize Life Science in the Nordic Region

Discover the strategic collaboration between MGI Tech Co. Ltd., a global leader in life science technology, and AddLife AB, a major European distributor of clinical testing and laboratory equipment. Learn how this partnership aims to revolutionize life science in the Nordic region through the distribution of MGI's innovative products and expansion into fields like point-of-care testing and remote ultrasound.



MGI's DNBSEQ-T20×2* Wins BEYOND Healthcare Innovation Award

MGI's award-winning DNBSEQ-T20×2* gene sequencing platform revolutionizes DNA sequencing in healthcare, offering unparalleled throughput and cost-efficiency for researchers and clinicians.



Pioneering Microbiome Research with the Million Microbiome of Humans Project

Explore MGI Tech Co. Ltd.'s significant contributions to the Million Microbiome of Humans Project (MMHP), a collaborative effort aiming to construct a comprehensive microbiome map of the human body. This post highlights MGI's innovative sequencing technology, the importance of microbiome in human health, and the future of microbiomics in precision medicine. Discover how MGI is reshaping the future of microbiome research and healthcare.



MGI Launches Overseas Production Line of DNBSEQ-G400* Sequencer in Latvia

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. launches an overseas production line in Latvia to assemble the advanced DNBSEQ-G400* gene sequencing instruments and HotMPS** reagents, marking a significant milestone in MGI's expansion into the European market.



Revolutionizing Genomics: How MGI Spurs Healthy Market Competition, Insights from GNOMIX's Chief Scientist

GNOMIX, a global genetics lab renowned for its diverse services, embraces MGI's role in stimulating market competition and shaping the genomics sector.



MGI Empowers European Genomics with the Launch of MGISP-Smart 8 and Empowerment Program at MEDICA

Celebrating the MGISP-Smart 8's European launch and our Empowerment Program at MEDICA, MGI continues to pioneer genomics research through steadfast innovation.



MGI Announces Commercial Launch of HotMPS High-Throughput Sequencing Kit* and Instrument** in Germany

"We are delighted to be bringing our proven DNBSEQ™ technology to customers and partners in Germany once again," said Dr. Yong Hou.



Accelerated and Enhanced Virus Sequencing Achieved at Latvian Biomedical Research Center using the MGI Sequencing Platform

Latvian Biomedical Research Center Uses MGI's Sequencing Platform for Faster and More Efficient Virus Sequencing in the Fight against the Global Pandemic.



MGI Partners with ALACRiS Theranostics to Open New Customer Experience Center in Germany

Unveiling MGI's Customer Experience Center in Berlin: Empowering Precision Medicine. Explore MGI's new Customer Experience Center in Berlin, Germany, fostering precision medicine through innovative automation and sequencing. Revolutionize cancer diagnostics, personalized oncology services, and cutting-edge technologies.