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Pioneering a Revolution in Genomic Research: MGI Partners with Xpress Genomics



MGI, a global leader in life science technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with Xpress Genomics, a leading Stockholm-based company specializing in scalable RNA-sequencing strategies. This collaboration seeks to propel the field of genomics into new frontiers, harnessing innovative technologies to develop scalable solutions for deep single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq).

About Xpress Genomics

Founded by Prof. Rickard Sandberg and a team of dedicated researchers, Xpress Genomics has established itself as an industry frontrunner under the guidance of CEO Dr. Christoph Ziegenhain. The company's emphasis on developing scalable single-cell RNA-sequencing techniques ensures quality and coverage are never compromised. By delivering exceptional sensitivity across entire transcripts, Xpress Genomics enables large-scale analyses of marker genes, genetic variation, and splicing.

"We are excited to finally unify quality and scale with our full-length scRNA-seq solutions," stated Prof. Rickard Sandberg. "We believe that the synergy between our technology and MGI's sequencing technology will result in the most cost-efficient and scalable full-length scRNA-seq to date."

A Partnership with Vision

MGI's collaboration with Xpress Genomics stems from a shared vision to redefine the boundaries of single-cell genomics. "By collaborating with Xpress Genomics, we can leverage their expertise to push the boundaries further. We are committed to empowering scientists worldwide with innovative tools that promote industry growth," expressed Duncan Yu, President at MGI.

Ming Ni, Vice President of MGI, added, "Single-cell RNA-sequencing represents a transformative technology with vast implications. Our aim is to support Xpress Genomics in addressing challenges in single-cell sequencing, unlocking unprecedented possibilities in genomics research."

New Laboratory Facility in Sweden

Further solidifying the partnership, Xpress Genomics inaugurated a new laboratory facility at the Cancer Center Karolinska (CCK) in Sweden, equipped with MGI's industry-leading DNBSEQ sequencers. This state-of-the-art facility will allow local collaborators and partners access to Xpress Genomics' groundbreaking single-cell RNA-seq solutions.

"The newly established laboratory serves as a vital bridge to the local research and diagnostic community, sparking fresh genomic discoveries and medical breakthroughs. MGI's continuous efforts to empower local customers align with our higher mission," noted Yong Hou, General Manager of MGI Europe and Africa.

Important Note

StandardMPS and CoolMPS sequencing reagents, and sequencers for use with such reagents, are not available in Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Hong Kong (CoolMPS is available in Hong Kong). Products are provided for Research Use Only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).

About MGI

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI) is committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science through intelligent innovation. Based on its proprietary technology, MGI focuses on research & development, production, and sales of sequencing instruments***, reagents***, and related products to support life science research, agriculture, precision medicine, and healthcare. MGI's mission is to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare. As of December 2021, MGI has a footprint that spans across more than 80 countries and regions, serves over 1,300 international users, and employs more than 2,050 professionals globally, around 35% of which are R&D personnel. For more information, please visit the MGI website or connect on TwitterLinkedIn, or YouTube.