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The Human Protein Atlas and Precision Medicine: A Conversation with Mathias Uhlen

Mathias Uhlen, Director of the Human Protein Atlas, delves into precision medicine and groundbreaking research. The project aims to understand human proteins using big data and collaborations. Precision medicine promises to revolutionize healthcare, supported by MGI Tech's advanced technologies. The open-access Atlas provides valuable insights for drug development and human physiology, impacting global research and education.



How the COVID Pandemic Has Revolutionized Genomics: Insights from Davide Cacchiarelli

Davide Cacchiarelli, a distinguished Molecular Biology and Genomics Professor, reveals how the COVID pandemic revolutionized genomics. Through multidisciplinary research, he identified new variants in infected patients using genomic surveillance. Collaborating with MGI's solutions accelerated research, shaping genomics' future and advancing global health diagnostics.



Explore the promising journey of African personalized medicine with Rizwana Mia

Explore the promising journey of African personalized medicine as Rizwana Mia, Senior Program Manager at the South African Medical Research Council, reveals the transformative power of tailored healthcare solutions. Discover how collaboration with international companies like MGI Tech and a deeper understanding of the genomic diversity in Africa are driving advancements in precision healthcare, empowering patients, and revolutionizing healthcare outcomes in the region.



Evolution of Molecular Biology - Insights from Istvan Szatmari

Explore the remarkable journey of Molecular Biology with Istvan Szatmari, Head of the Genomic Core Facility. Discover the transformative HotMPS chemistry and its impact on gene sequencing. Uncover the importance of diverse data sets and global transcript profiling. Experience the power of international collaboration and cutting-edge technology in advancing Molecular Biology. Embrace a promising future with single-cell transcriptomic analysis and omics accessibility for comprehensive healthcare solutions.



Stephen Lye Discusses Pregnancy Complications: An In-depth Interview

Stephen Lye, an expert in pregnancy research, explores the intricate challenges of pregnancy complications, focusing on preterm birth and preeclampsia. Collaborating with Mount Sinai's extensive reproductive program, he emphasizes the urgent need for accurate diagnostic methods and highlights the innovative role of RNA sequencing. Lye's insights offer a compelling look into the future of pregnancy care, blending science and compassion to pave the way for improved maternal and newborn health.



Viral Sequencing and the Impact of Technology with Teresa Cutino Moguel

Teresa Cutino Moguel shares her insights into viral sequencing, its importance in patient care, challenges, and the role of technology at MGI-Tech. She emphasizes the need for accessibility, representation in science, and how collaborations during the pandemic have fostered growth in the field.